Annwvyn is a free and open source project under the MIT license.

The game engine is proudly built upon many open source libraries:

  • Ogre 3D The Object-Oriented Graphical Rendering Engine, a Free/Open-Source 3D graphics library, in version 2.1
  • Bullet Physics A physics simulation and collision detection library
  • OpenAL-soft a Free implementation of the Open Audio Library originally developed by Creative Labs.
  • libsndfile Lib Sound File, a free sound file decoding/encoding library that support many format (but not the copyrighted MP3)
  • ChaiScript A super cool scripting language in C++ for C++
  • GLFW GL FrameWork, a library to help develop OpenGL application. Used for window and OpenGL context creation after Annwvyn 0.3.X using Ogre 2.1
  • BtOgre21, my personal fork of BtOgre, adapted for Ogre 2.1. presentation of the original one here
  • TinyXML2 A small (2 files) object oriented library to import/export XML DOM.
  • Catch A C++ Unit test Framework

The project is developed and hosted at GitHub