One college year later

Hi everyone,
I’m taking some time to write here now, I have finished my academic year and I’m currently in summer break.

Even if I havent writen about it here (time is expensive :-D), the developement of Annwvyn has progressed througout the last mounths.

So, I can’t even recall all the changes without looking the commit logs.

Here’s a more or less chronological list of the changes since last blog post

  • Player object has now it’s own class (as it should have been since the begining)
  • Observer patern based event system
  • Direct 3D compatibility is on hold and is not in the roadmap
  • Base resources of the engine packaged into automaticly loaded by all Annwvyn Applications
  • GameObject atRefresh() call is done at a time where position/oritenation of the player’s head is known
  • MSVC project automaticly copy .DLL files at update (facilitate tweaking the engine in live for me)
  • Object can selectively colide or not with player’s body
  • Linux version temporarly switch x11 keyboard layout to qwerty us
  • Isolate physics code into an PhysicsEngine class
  • AnnEngine is know kind of a singleton class
  • Better skydome management
  • Make the engine logging more verbose
  • Put to trash old ‘JoystickController’ system
  • Correct a bunch of memory problems
  • Precompilled headers for speeding up compilation time are now in use everywere
  • Player’s physics mode is no longer oversized
  • Remove stream to file redirection in test program. Add code to open a Windows console with stdin, stdout and stderr
  • Use own class for math object (Vector3 and Quaternion). They are derivated from OGRE objects. I’m just adding methods to get them in other formats easily
  • In-engine debug console that show output log in real time
  • Upgrade of the rendering pipeline to use OVR 0.6 on Windows. Direct mode is working. This changes is using low-level OpenGL code insode of Annwvyn and isn’t DirectX compatible
  • Remove Gorilla
  • Debug AudioEngine, manage Audio buffer correctly
  • AnnDebug() class to get a stream to the logger system
  • Add a real level management system

Windows 64 bit is still polishing, a version of the engine has been tagged with version nubmer 0.0.10-exeperimental

EDIT June 21 : This is done. The download page has been updated. I’m still uploading the files but it will not take long.

I will try to post more updates here on what’s comming.

See ya! 😀

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