New school year! o/

Hi everyone,

The sumer break has ended a mounth ago now. I’m still in engineering school and I still have a “technical&scientific project” to do. And it’s, of course, VR releated, and will use Annwvyn.

I’m working on developpement tools for Annwvyn to simplify my life, but it’s not the subject of this arcicle.

I’ve recently do some code cleaning inside the AnnEngine class, so it will be easier to maintain

For now, I’m breaking down complicated methods into more simple tasks to be done. The new SDK integration is more or less functionning. Only on windows but that’s not my fault I’m still waiting for OculusVR to release a Linux version ! -_-“. Also, I’m planning to make the code Direct3D 11 compatible but it’s not my priority because it’s not cross-platform. And if I develop something that isn’t cross platform I feel that I’m actually wasting my precious time!, but it may permit to run correctly in Direct to HMD mode with OVR beta 4.x

For Annwvyn, I have to restructurate some part of the API, it will mostly not changing. I also need to start doing numbered version when it will be done, and starting adding features. I don’t actually now what I will do first but it will either be :

  • Making a scene/stage system to permit to load/unload scenes form the realtime simulation
  • Fixing the audio engine. It will oblige me to actually dig inside the OpenAL documentation, and I’m too lazy. At least it doen’t cause segfault while unallocating memory (it’s a rather good thing)
  • Adding support for more physics. Bullet permit to simulate friction, for no there is absolutly NO friction on the physical simulatipn (and it’s bad…). And probably things that I’m not thinking about. I don’t plan to switch to Bullet 3, the GPU based simulation doesn’t seems to be ready enouth for me, and I don’t have time to switch to it if they have done changes in the API. Also I still want to use BtOgre

So, I have larges files to upload and crap to watch on youtube right now, and no inspiration to write about work

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