Leap integration, plugins, Oculus Latency Tester, and yes, I’m still alive.

News sumary

  • New OVR SDK release, all things work with the 0.2.5 but the render does not use information stored on your oculus user profile
  • Improuved installation routine for Annwvyn on Linux : you can now ‘sudo make install’ the all thing
  • Some improuvement on code, more to come form this side soon ^^’

LEAP and Plugins

Also, I’m actually working on a Leap Motion integration. Since the Leap Motion SDK is not free it will not be part of the actual engine. The basic integration is working (you can see it on the leap_motion branch) but I need to create a simple system of “external plugin” for the engine.

The plug-in system will be usefull for extending the engine, also simplify third party work on it. I haen’t defined how plug-ins will interact with the base engine, but all plugin-related code will be dynamicly linked at runtime, provide it’s hown headers and library file to go along with an Annwvyn application.

The two branch of the repo are up to date now on GitHub, you can browse the code as allways here!

Oculus Latency Tester and Overlay

One more thing : I received my Oculus latency tester, I want to integrate it’s support on the engine beacause it’s a fundamental work tool with the Rift. The latency of the ‘Motion-to-photon’ loop have to be mesured to garenty a great VR experience. But, to use the latency tester, the application have to send white and black flashes directly on the sensor of the tester.

At the moment, Annwvyn can’t display a 2D overlay on the rift screen. Since it use Ogre, I will check on existing solution with the redering engine. I can’t easily implement the Latency Tester pulling function if I can’t display anithing above the 3D viewports.

Hope you enjoy it!

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