Annwvyn 0.4 is out. What next?


During my Christmas break, I finished some clean-up of the code. Back in September I wanted to tag a 0.4 version so that I was happy with the current state and move on to some more interesting stuff to do with the engine. But it did not feel “right” to mark a milestone at that point.

You can go read the release notes here :

I created an actual todolist with the GitHub project system, and I worked at clearing it for a few months. It’s sitting there for anybody that wants to look at it :

Sincerely, I’m quite happy with the engine API itself, and I’m quite happy with Ogre 2.1 as a rendering engine. It’s fast, it supports “modern” looking materials (based on physics, and you can make your own custom shader code fit inside their material generation system super nicely) What I’m less happy about Ogre currently is the impossibility to easily build  a tool-chain for putting art into it.

I’m really interested into getting something simple to work with. I’m currently looking at the glTF format. It looks really interesting, to the point that I’ve started working on a glTF importer for Ogre.

I’m not sure about exporting and importing complete “scenes” form a software like blender, but it’s definitively an interesting route.

I’m currently working on this, this is not intended to be Annwvyn specific, but to add glTF file support to Ogre at some level :

I’ll probably talk about this some more on my actual blog at

There’s two things that are overly difficult to do with an Annwvyn powered application right now :

  • Getting 3D objects from a modeler program to show up in the game with proper materials
  • Building a 3D scene.

The first point doesn’t help the 2nd, but they are somewhat independent.

I have tried a few times to start working on a level editor for Annwvyn, and I haven’t gone too far. I’m not really a GUI programing guy, but I achieved to get a pretty nice integration between the 3D view and “normal windows” with Qt. I’m going to stop attempting to work on this before I can find a solution that take a 3D object from blender to the engine in a mimimum number of arcane file manipulation…

In the meantime, happy new year. I’ll try to work on an actual demo of what Annwvyn can do by making a little game that uses it, but the current 3D workflow problem makes this way harder than it should be.. And the lack of a level editor is still not helping. 😉

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