Hi, my name is Arthur Brainville, but you may know me as Ybalrid

I’m a C++ developer, a student in software engineering, and a big VR nerd.

The Annwvyn Engine is a free and open source game engine designed to create experiences that uses virtual reality headset, like the Oculus Rift and the HTC-Vive. It’s started as the backbone of code I was writing for some student projects

Annwvyn is distributed under the terms of the MIT Licence Agrement

The engine uses free and open source technologies including OGRE for 3D rendering, Bullet Physics simulation and collision detection library, the OpenAL-soft for Audio spatialization.

It uses a bunch more of awesome open source building blocks to make each of it’s components run, you can check out more information about this here!

More information about this can be found on the documentation wiki

You can download precompiled SDK or the source code on the Download page.

And have fun exploring virtual worlds with us !